"In my performative work and paintings, I navigate the labyrinth of personal experiences and memories, unraveling the intricate tapestry of emotions—trauma, melancholy, and isolation—that often linger in the shadows of secrecy.

In the alchemy of my creative process, I transmute these memories into a form of self-healing, extending that healing touch to a community of survivors who may feel unseen. As I traverse the realms of grief, my dreams become guiding stars, and I interpret their landscapes through the lens of Jung's profound wisdom.

Beyond surface distractions, my work strives to unearth the potential for growth and healing, employing a multifaceted approach encompassing writing, painting, installation, and performance. Shadows, serving as a metaphor for the repressed facets of our lives, dance within the narratives I weave. In an attempt to make meaning of my traumatic experiences, I focus my center on post-traumatic growth.

Situated at the crossroads of psychology, sociology, and magic realism, my art embraces Bourriaud's theory of Relational Aesthetics. I invite viewers not just to observe but to actively participate in the creative process, sparking conversations about these socially deemed unacceptable emotions.

In a world where stigma surrounds such emotions, my art carries a torch, advocating for the acknowledgment of our bodies' innate capacity to bloom even in the gloom

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