I am Vridhhi, an interdisciplinary artist originally from Delhi, India, now finding my home within the heart of Tkaronto. My artistic journey is an intimate exploration, drawing inspiration from personal narratives that navigate the intricate realms of post-traumatic growth and the queering of the trauma body. As I guide my inner child through a healing journey, my canvas expands to include not just paintings but also video mapping projections and installations. My work speaks the nuanced language of trauma, weaving threads of grief with the pure joy of my inner child. Crafting rituals and stories, I extend an empathetic invitation, urging viewers to reflect on their unique paths to self-healing. Within the tapestry of my creations, my genuine hope is that, like a home within, they find a comforting resonance with the threads of my experiences. Ultimately, my art is a heartfelt offering of healing to all who engage with it.

In moments when my hands are not immersed in the creation of art, you'll often find me lost in the rhythmic landscapes of SoundCloud and Spotify discovering and savouring new tunes.

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