Vridhhi C. (b.1995, Delhi) is an artist dividing her time between Tkaronto, Canada, and New Delhi, India. With an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from OCAD University, Vridhhi is a self-taught painter who finds inspiration in dreams and personal narratives. Through painting, performing, and printmaking, she delves into repetition and mark-making as ritualistic practices. Exploring the intricate relationship between tangible materials and metaphorical expressions, she infuses her work with layers of meaning.

Guiding her inner child through a journey of healing, Vridhhi translates intense emotions into ephemeral performative acts, utilizing her body as a canvas. Her art serves as a medium to communicate the complex language of trauma, intertwining threads of grief and love with the pure joy of her inner child.

Vridhhi's work has been exhibited both locally and internationally, with showcases at esteemed venues such as Buddies in Bad Times Theatre and IGNITE Gallery in Toronto, as well as the Indian International Centre in Delhi and METHOD in Mumbai. She has also contributed to prominent cultural events including the Luminato Festival and Nuit Blanche in Toronto.

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