Cut me cactus, 2023

In my artistic epiphany, I recognized that I personify a cactus—a symbol of resilience and healing in the most inhospitable environments. I constantly keep my guard up, protecting myself from potential harm. This metaphorical armor is represented by the green gloves covered in pins and the mask adorned with pins that I wear during my performances. Each pin signifies the constant state of vigilance I maintain, an emblem of the psychological barriers I have built to safeguard my well-being.

The performance unfolds within a carefully constructed space, populated with balloons that hold the weight of my suppressed emotions. These balloons represent the sound of my regressed emotions, the unheard cries of my pain. As I traverse the space, I burst the balloons, unleashing the pent-up energy and allowing the sound of my emotions to resonate throughout the environment. The act of bursting becomes a cathartic release—an unearthing of buried wounds and a reclaiming of my voice.

Every child loves balloons, and so does our inner child. Balloons bring us immense joy, yet when they burst, they can also evoke discomfort, pain, and distress and some loud cries.

Cut Me Cactus delves into a similar sentiment. The purpose is to elicit discomfort because it mirrors the journey of a survivor, constantly displaced in time, space, and memories. By bursting each of these balloons, I bridge the divide between silence and expression, inviting the audience to bear witness to my vulnerability and providing them with a glimpse into the complexities of the human experience.

vridhhi chaudhry 2023 © All rights reserved
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