Hikikomori and the pomelo moon, 2021

It’s normal to sometimes feel like you want to hide away from the stresses and pressures of the outside world. In fact, short-lived periods of withdrawal can reduce acute stress responses and can help us overcome illness and exhaustion. Periods of solace and isolation can also help with important phases of personal growth. But some people don’t remerge from natural periods of isolation. Instead, they show

extreme and persistent withdrawal lasting for decades. In Japan, this pattern of behaviour is so common it’s now known as “hikikomori”. Hikikomori ( ひきこもり ), loner or "modern-day hermit" is someone who seeks total withdrawal from society and extreme degrees of social isolation and confinement.

My ongoing series of hikikomori is about honoring the growth that takes place in our bodies when we experience trauma

Melancholy Melody

Some nights I feel fragile

and swamped

Ugh! I feel so controlled.

Not by myself, of course,

But by things that surround

On which I got no hold.

So I embrace myself

and mask the gloom,

To face the flurry cold.

One mustn't glimpse my frailty.

Can't help but wonder,

Why must I stay bold?

Seasonal Joy

And she made herself home

Ocarina, harp and lyre

Danced with the gnomes

They were ready for choir

For the joy that last

snapping into hours.

Seconds of the past

This time, it's ours!

Circus Act

They look at me as a circus act

I'm twisted and pushed on my back

they look at me as an acrobat

Maybe I am a maniac

We all take part disguised by lies

don't be fooled by those eyes.

We are famous for our flips and tricks

in a circus built on sticks.

Phoney Casque

She talks to her embellished mask

Of guilt, pleasure and trust

Rose the red pom, the single hornèd casque,

They all turn into gold dust.

vridhhi chaudhry 2023 © All rights reserved
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