Under my skin 
Under my mask
Lay questions 
I wanna ask 
Am I evolving,
Am I transforming
Maybe conforming 
Or just performing 

Under My Skin, 2021

Are you wearing a mask? wear your mask!" probably the most heard statement outdoors, this last year and for the time to come. This statement made me think about the invisible masks that I find myself wearing in situations that make me feel anxious and nervous. The invisible masks that protect me from being vulnerable in social settings. The invisible masks that make me feel stronger in front of my perpetrators. The invisible masks that make me feel funnier, happier, and livelier. But what is it that I am trying to hide through these masks? It made me wonder about the person I am with and without a mask. I spent this month reflecting on the many masks I had adopted and to tried to "let go of them by confronting them. 

Under My Skin is a series painted on both sides of the paper using watercolors. The light source helps in layering the two sides and reveals the abnormalities that reside under my skin. 

vridhhi chaudhry 2023 © All rights reserved
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